Impact Model

We identify high-impact, indigenous Organizations working on Road Safety issues and partner with them in accountable, trusting partnerships to advance Road Safety advocacy in the India. We believe in accountability without control and are committed to what we call “Road Safety Partnership.”

Sustained Capacity Building

We go far beyond providing just technical resources. We focus on capacity building through focused training and equipping, leadership development, strategic planning, and ongoing counsel that helps our partners become successful, sustainable organizations that are transforming their communities for Road safety.

Holistic Road Safety-Centered Approach

Our key strategy to reach and impact lives is holistic witness, which means reaching out to the “whole” person. We address Road Safety Issues to every denizen of India with due diligence and with the message of hope.

Nationwide Leverage

Over our 8 years of history, Indian Federation of Road safety has established a domestic Partnership Alliance made up of affiliate offices and office of representatives. Together we work in major municipalities in India with more than 60 native Road Safety Professionals. We share a common commitment to capacity building of indigenous organizations and a common goal to establish and grow Road Safety culture in India.