Statically, India is ranking with the largest incidences of road accidents which occur due to damaged roads, over-speeding, inadequate use of helmets and seat-belts and ignorance of precautionary measures laid down for safety, these figures also states that “Drunken driving” contribute to over 90% of this menace in the society.

With the mounting rate of crashes all over India; IFROS aims in spreading awareness among the people not just upon safe driving techniques and drunken driving but also to educate our people on the value and the importance of human life.

  • Advocacy

    IFROS’ strong point is Advocacy i.e., to support communities in bringing down the increasing rate of road traffic and road traffic injuries, thus inculcate safe road culture among its users.

  • Research

    Researching Road Safety tribulations and subject matter speculations and specializations is fundamental vocation of IFROS. In its commission an assortment of research projects from attitudinal surveys to evaluation studies are taken into contemplation.

  • Training

    To set-up across the country training centres for creating awareness about Road Safety and to provide assistance and knowledge in procurement of driving licenses, fitness certification, suraksha certificates, calibration and Pollution Under Control certification.