1.Road Safety Research
2. Road Safety Planning and Implementation
3. Road Safety Awareness and Education
4. Road Safety Training for Drivers
5. Road Safety Training for Enforcement Agencies
6. First Aid and Trauma Care Training and Management (FATCTM)
7. Road Traffic Accident (ROTA) Re-Construction and Forensic Engineering
8. Accident Data Collection and Management System (ADCMS)
9. Traffic Management
10.Transportation Planning and Research (TPR)
11.Road Safety Audit (RSA)
12.Road Traffic System Surveys and Analysis (RTSSA)
13.Road Safety Engineering (RSE)
14.Exposure Programme on Latest Technologies Transportation Sector
15.Production of Road Safety Training Materials
16.Post Crash Management (PCM)
17.Pre-hospital Care for Road Traffic Accident Victims (PHCRTAV)
18.Training in Basic Life Support (BLS), Extrication and Rescue Operations