Everyday, major or medium accidents occur on Indian roads, sometimes even with severe consequences. To reduce these IFROS reformed few responsibilities of prominence getting involved with road safety issues;

  • Promoting international cooperation in the field of the Road Safety and recommending appropriate policies.
  • Monitoring the status of the National Road Safety Issues and gathering and disseminating the information.
  • Catalyzing Road Safety awareness and action to address major Road Safety calamities among local governments, private sector and civil society.
  • Facilitating the coordination of Union Government activities on matters concerned with the Road Safety, and ensuring, through cooperation, liaison and participation, that their activities take Road Safety considerations into account.
  • Developing regional programmes for Road safety sustainability.
  • Helping central ministries, councils and other authorities which are particular about Road Safety issues in India to formulate and implement Road Safety policies.
  • Providing block-level Road Safety capacity building and technology support.
  • Helping to develop National Road safety Enforcement, and providing expert advice on the development and use of Road Safety concepts and instruments.