Research and Consultancy Directorate

Researching Road Safety tribulations and subject matter speculation and specialization is fundamental vocation of Indian Federation of Road Safety.

In IFROS commissions an assortment of research projects ranging from attitudinal surveys to evaluation studies are taken in to contemplation. Up till now certain projects are funded directly from IFROS budgets allocated to its sub-committees. In addition, IFROS appealed to WHO and Indian Government to allocate a sum for projects carried out on behalf of IFROS, while the main research programme is funded by IFROS Corporate associates and Research Planning Groups. All accomplished projects and programme reports can be found on the IFROS website and by following the appropriate links below.

In the consultative wing of IFROS a team of qualified professionals accountable in different field of study pertaining to Road Safety, Traffic Management, Engineering and Technological portions are most often available to give advices and or take in to consideration the new proposals, which shall be deemed to be productive for the National Integration.

The Institutions, Corporates, NGOs, Advocacy groups and Individuals who want to work in partnership with IFROS research projects or else who want to have consultation, please send your compendium and proposals to