Indian Federation of Road Safety is the brain child of Vinod Kumar Kanumala, the architect who made the organization got conceived in the year 2009. The basic objective of the organization is to work towards developing safe roads in India and spreading awareness on road safety among the road users. We hope to influence a new road safety culture among the citizens of India.

Statically, India ranking with the largest incidences of road accidents which occur due to damaged roads, over-speeding, inadequate use of helmets and seat-belts and ignorance of precautionary measures laid down for safety, these figures also states that “Drunken driving” contribute to over 90% of this menace in the society.

With the mounting rate of accidents all over India; IFROS aims in spreading awareness among the people not just upon safe driving techniques and drunken driving but also to educate our people on the value and the importance of human life. IFROS plans to set up training centers across the country to help create awareness about Road Safety effluence and measures. Further, IFROS not only creates awareness among the society about the RTO rules and regulations but also provides assistance in the various enforcement and monitoring procedures.

Although there is an alarming rise in the number of accidents everyday people continue to state that accidents are unavoidable. We at IFROS not only work on changing the perception of road users towards this but also towards governments. Working towards achieving our goal, we provide a wide base of expertise for planning road development and road safety strategies, representations to government and financial institutions. Specific programmes to improve major roads for safe travel, and improving driver training, licensing and monitoring procedures are our forte.