India has the terrible distinction of being the country with the largest number of people killed in road accidents - in excess of 5000 people daily. Victims most often being reckless or drunk drivers, who ignore speed limit signs. Unfortunately pedestrians or passengers in public transport, inmates of vehicles involved in collisions, motorcyclists crashed into and possibly most tragically the homeless people are becoming fatalities, who are killed by reckless or drunk drivers as they sleep at night on the foot paths. Nowhere in the world is civilian life as cheap as it is on India's roads!

The cacophony of horns and abuses hurled, speeding and overtaking vehicles, drivers ignoring traffic signals, pedestrians running amuck midst traffic or jumping off moving buses, is a brief description of the chaos and bustle of street life. In the last two or three decades, with the alteration of banking facilities and availability of finances, the middle-class Indians have been able to afford vehicles – two or four wheelers, thereby increasing the density of road traffic tremendously.

This unprecedented growth of density of motor vehicles has taken the government by surprise, and no amount of planning has been able to resolve the traffic crisis. Apart from pathetic road conditions and improper roads, rules are often not adhered to by motorists and pedestrians alike on such a vast scale that it is now taken for granted as the said way of life! The practice continues till the time fatality strikes within their own coterie.

Awareness and watchfulness on the part of drivers and pedestrians like facilities, regulations and strict enforcement on the part of authorities and provision of better roads is the solution to this public menace.

We at Indian Federation of Road Safety attempt in our own small way to contribute curbing of road accidents. Our attempts are stated briefly is as follows :-