Leading cause of death in India.


Road traffic deaths every year

It is projected that 150 thousand people are killed each year taking an inestimable toll on families and communities.


People are injured every year

Nearly half million people suffer serious life-warning injuries, which directly contribute to the poverty cycle in India!

Road crash deaths

  • 150015 in 2016
  • 411 Every day
  • 17 Every hour
  • 3 min per crash

  • Causes: Speed, Drunken Driving, Low use of helmets, Seatbelts, child restraints, lack of enforcement, bad roads.
  • Trucks and Two wheelers contribute for 40% of these fatal crashes
  • Some people believe that no one can change their destiny and everyone has to die one day and in a manner predestined by God. We also try to convince ourselves that besides crashes so many other dangers are lurking in our lives. It is a lame and irrational excuse to cover up our risk-taking behaviour. It is up to us to mould our destiny. It is our attitude towards life that largely determines our fate.At the end, please realize that it is the attitude which is important to prevent road crash and make our roads safe. Let us take a pledge to make our communities safe and more liveable.


We Swear By

  • Our Philosophy

    There are assured methodologies distinctive to the Road Safety Strategy maintained by IFROS.

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  • Our Vision

    To bring down the increasing rate of road crashes and injuries through advocacy.

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  • Our Values

    We put unselfish approaches and considerations road safety issues above all, else in our work.

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  • Our Mission

    To make all road users aware of the dangers of Traffic Crashes and to develop a new Road.

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  • “Met with Vinod Kumar of IFROS on facebook, As an NRI and driving in hyderabad for a brief period & found his site on the internet of intrest and informative. You are doing a great job for which not many people are thankful for. Keep up the good work and we will one day have organized traffic on our roads.”




With our ROAD SAFETY PARTNERSHIP SYNERGY IMPACT MODEL we accomplish our mission by engaging in Road Safety - cantered partnerships with indigenous organizations that spread the Road Safety education by building the India through transforming communities, empowering road users and educating children






To know more about how your organisation can partner with IFROS Please contact: K. Vanalatha

vanalatha@ifros.org Mobile: +91 7207870561

"Road crashes are not road accidents. They are avoidable and need to be stopped. IFROS works to stop road deaths and provides awareness,help and support among road users."